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We offer a variety of of fishing charter services as well as rod and reel repair and a fully stocked Pro Shop. 

Deep sea and in-shore fishing charters out of Kin Port. American deckhands teamed with Japanese Captains. Deep sea FAD fishing, inshore bottom fishing and custom big game charters.

  • Deep Sea
  • Adult In-Shore
  • Kids In-Shore
  • Private Charter

Both deep sea and inshore charters are Open Seat charters available on weekends and holidays. Open Seat means they can reserve 1 to 10 or 12 seats depending on boat size.

One of the most popular trips is our deep-sea charter. This is an action-packed trip that leaves at 6:00 and returns around 16:00. We target tuna, mahi-mahi, rainbow runner, wahoo, and marlin. If heart throbbing fishing action is what you want, then this is the trip for you. 

Private charters are offered on weekdays and non holidays only and must fill a minimum of 7 seats on the boat.


  • Experienced Deckhand 
  • Optional Fish Cleaning Services 
  • Bait 
  • Gear 
  • Ice 

Pro Shop

Ryu-Kin Fishing charters is the exclusive authorized dealer of Black Bart in Okinawa. Black Bart is world renown for the high-quality lures they produce. Our experienced staff can rig up any custom lure and skirt combination you want in our fully stocked pro shop.  We also have in stock a slew of other gear including but not limited to rods, reels, jigs and terminal tackle.  So, come by and get lost in the endless possibilities

Rod and Reel Repair

The family at Ryu-Kin Fishing Charters is passionate about providing the most reliable gear we can. This came to realization when we opened our rod and reel repairs department. Whether it is replacing a guide or servicing your reel we guarantee your satisfaction.

Kids’ Inshore Fishing Charters

Our inshore trips are specifically designed for families looking for a fun filled day on the water. Okinawa shores provide calm seas and a bounty of colorful fish that will surely not be forgotten. We believe that all children should experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  We offer half day inshore charters that include all necessary gear, and an English-speaking deckhand to guide and assist you throughout the day.