Welcome folks to the very first episode of the Ryu-Kin Fishing Podcast!

In this inaugural episode we introduced some of the Ryu-Kin Team. Captain Kam, our custom rod builder Devon Duran-Wernet, and “the brains” of our operation here at Ryu-Kin, Weston Davis. walk us through the latest news from Ryu-Kin Fishing.

We discussed the pelagic species that are currently in season. We discussed the various types of charters that we offer, we recapped a recent trip we made to shoot a video with The OKILIFE Team, and we talked about a fantastic event we have coming up on June 7th, IGFA Day where we plan to be a part of the initiative to teach 100,000 kids to fish!

Also, as we plan to do each episode, we left you with a product review and gave you the low down on the Mintama by Local Lure Maker KZK Lures. These handmade lures are fantastic and you’ve absolutely got to check them out!

As usual we appreciate all of you tuning into what we have going on here at Ryu-Kin, and we plan to bring more great fishing content to all of the enthusiasts here on Okinawa, and abroad.

Tight Lines everybody!

Captain Kam

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