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Great Lures for Big Fish

Black Bart Braziliano

Your a pro, you’re a novice, your just someone who wants a good shot at catching a decent marlin, blue or black. Then your best bet is to troll a Brazilliano rigged with hooks or used as a teaser, either way you will be the winner.

Brazilliano is the most sought after Marlin Magnet in the world. Tournament wins, personal bests, world records they all are in reach when trolling this classic big game lure is the best of the best. I guarantee it. Position on the second or third wave and rigged with a 12/0 hookset.

Blits Bait

Our good friend Ariel Morano stopped by the shop to drop a few tips and tell us about Okinawa’s number one bait. We’ve got the Blits Bait in stock, and it’s got the Ariel seal of approval. This is the stuff you need for Fishing Okinawa.

While we’re out there chasing the deep water pelagics, Ariel is a master inshore fisherman and his regular seminars have been helping anglers catch more fish all the time here on Okinawa. Check out his next seminar, stop in to our pro shop for some of his Blits Bait, or or keep up with everything on Fishing Okinawa Facebook Group.

This lure is great for GT and big Tuna!

We’re very particular about the products we carry in the shop, and we don’t sell anything we don’t fish with ourselves. This is one of Captain kam’s favorites poppers for casting. Come check’em out!

Fish Bat – AFTCO

This glass-filled polypropylene bat dispatches your catch quickly and effectively. The triangular design not only adds intensity to your blows, but it also prevents the bat from becoming a hazard to you by rolling around the deck in rough seas. An aggressively textured handle offers grip even to wet hands; the braided wrist lanyard provides added security to prevent loss while in use. Its hooked end can be used to store the bat on railings or ladders for quick access. In the event the bat is accidentally lost overboard, it floats and can be retrieved. For a bat that won’t roll around the deck and is only a hazard to fish, grab an Aftco Super Strong Fish Bat.

Muta Marine Underwater Sea Bob-

This underwater scooter is made in Germany.
It’s shaped like a jet, so everyone thinks that you can ride it on top of the water, but actually it’s an underwater vehicle. This is a very unusual vehicle.
You can dive deep; to about 40 meters, and also can go up to 20 kilometers per hour!
Many divers are unable to reach a depth of 40 meters, but this vehicle can perform to that depth. It moves with batteries. 
This model is our Muta collaboration with the graphic designers in Germany, …it’s quite an expensive model.
Expensive, but unless you experience it, it’s hard to know the value of this amazing machine. So, if you want to try it out, we have a program for that – contact us for a test drive. 
It’s called the Sea Bob. It is a German vehicle. They are now on sale.