Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks from Ryu-Kin Fishing Charters on filleting fish, drift fishing, bait, jigging and much more.

How To: Rig a Trolling Lure

Watch as our experienced Deckhand, Devon, instructs you step by step on how to rig a trolling lure.

How To: Make a Hook Set

Watch as our experienced Deckhand, Devon, instructs you step by step on how to make a hook set.

How To: Skirt a Black Bart Lure

Watch as Devon teaches you exactly how to skirt your black bart lure. He takes you step-by-step so you have the confidence to do it yourself.

How To: Jigging for Tuna with Devon

Watch as Devon, our experienced DeckHand, teaches you how to jig for tuna on the beautiful waters of Okinawa, Japan.

How To: Catch DragonFish -Tachi-uo

Learn how to rig a line for dragon fishing and how to slowly reel the bait and hook through the water channels to catch this ultimate deep sea creature.

How to Fillet a Mahi Mahi with DeckHand Jeremy

How to Fillet a Wahoo with Captain Kam

Captain Kam shows us the proper way to Fillet a Wahoo. These are a delicious fish that really take on the flavors of whatever you choose to cook them in, so go easy on the spice rack! Excellent eaten raw as sashimi too! Get with Ryu-Kin Charters and catch yourself a wahoo today! 

How to Fillet a Fish on the Sunabe Seawall in Okinawa, Japan

The Bait Master Mr Ariel Morano shows us his filleting technique after he catches a few nice fish on the Sunabe Seawall using his signature Blits Bait. Ariel is a great fisherman, and we love his bait. Pick up your Blits clay bait at the New Ryu-Kin Pro Shop! The absolute best for shore fishing in Okinawa.

Japanese Jigging Technique – Offshore Trips

Jigging is great for getting your hook down deep into schools of tuna on our offshore trips. In this video we demonstrate a Japanese jigging technique called “ebbing”. Check out this quick explanation of how jigging works a banana weight and land yourself more fish!

Drift Fishing in Okinawa, Japan

We call it drift fishing because we position the boat to drift across the buoy while we fish, drift the bait out in the chum line, and as the fish come in for the chum you’ll hook up. Tuna, skipjack, rainbow runners, we catch all kinds of great fish drift-fishing in deep Okinawan waters.

How to Catch Reef Fish with Ariel

Blits Bait – Okinawa’s #1 Inshore Fishing Bait

Ariel Morano has created some great inshore fishing bait, and we proudly stock Blits in our Pro Shop. Stop on by and stock up today!