OffShore – Deep Sea Charters

One of the most popular trips is our deep-sea charter. This is an action-packed trip that leaves at 6:00 and returns around 16:00.

We target tuna, mahi-mahi, rainbow runner, wahoo, and marlin. If heart throbbing fishing action is what you want, then this is the trip for you. 

We price per person. 

If you bring your own fishing gear it is $145.00 a person, 

Using our drift fishing rental gear is $165.00 a person. 

The boats leave port at 0600 and return around 1530. 

We have 10 and 12 passenger boats available for charter. 

We also offer optional services such as trolling, jigging, and electric reel rentals. 

The trolling option is $40.00 ea, jigging is $20.00 ea, and electric reels are $60.00 ea. 

The rental fees for these services are separately paid to the deckhand on the morning of the trip. 

Once you return to the port, our deckhands will also offer an optional fish cleaning service. 

  • Experienced Deckhand 
  • Optional Fish Cleaning Services 
  • Bait 
  • Gear 
  • Ice